All American Vegan: Veganism for the Rest of Us By Jennifer and Nathan Winograd
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Author: Jennifer and Nathan Winograd

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All American Vegan
All American Vegan: Veganism for the Rest of Us
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The dilemma is having enough space to write the review this wonderful book deserves. Having languished in the "save for later" section of "my cart" at Amazon for several months, I finally purchased the book. If you are a Vegan, Vegetarian vegan wannabe, gluten free vegan:}, or a "blocked vegetarian" who just cares about animals, this book will make you laugh out loud, cry, give you hope and lift the veil of guilt we less than perfect vegans feel for having a vegan veggie burger and fries. Admit it, with the "plant based" diet movement, the whole foods movement, the local food movement, green juicing and the raw foods advocates (having 200+ cookbooks myself, plus several books on animal rights, health, moral and political issues of meat..think Singer, Jonathan Safran Foer, John Robbins, Carol Adams, Bob Torres & many others), we "processed" Vegans guiltily pop our frozen Amy's dairy free, gluten free (Daiya cheese) lasagna in the microwave and think...hmmm should I make a salad with that...Nah...there are veggies in there aren't there?..and why doesn't Amy's make a family sized one of those things? And then of course there is the guilt when your family or friends at the backyard barbecue or at the restaurant say.."well she's the healthy eater in the family" and you guiltily smile and slink away in search of some Kale to make up for that Veggie burger, fries and vegan cherry chocolate chip "icecream" you had for dinner last night. But I digress.... There are great recipes in this book and if you are gluten free just substitute TVP, soy curls, tempeh or tofu for the Seitan. But what this book did and does, is confirm that the most important reason for being a vegan is that NO animal has to die for your diet. It also did not fill me with the rage and despair that most of the above books do...because the authors offer a probably absolutely accurate concept...make it easy for people to make the right choice and they probably will. Like the authors I fervently and absolutely hope so. You will not regret getting this fact order two because you will definitely want to share.
- Kathleen (Amazon reviewer)

This book will show you how and why to adopt a vegan diet in the most convincing way. I truly enjoyed reading it and love the cover and illustrations. It is well-written, and their passion for the welfare of animals is very evident as they point out things that I was not aware of about shelters and organizations. It is not preachy, judgmental or in-your-face. The section about what vegans should not say when discussing veganism with non-vegans had me laughing out loud. If you run a store or restaurant and want to attract vegan customers, you should read this book. I am not the target audience for this book. I enjoy cooking healthy plant-based foods, but I realize that not everyone does. This book shows you how you can easily enjoy delicious vegan versions of everything most Americans eat. They make a very compelling case for adopting a vegan diet, and then show you exactly how anyone can do it. I realize the Kindle version has some problems to be resolved, and hope that happens soon since I prefer Kindle books. However, I would encourage you to just read the paperback because it is well worth it.
- SheShells (Amazon reviewer)

This book was full of common sense, compassion and humor. I have been thinking about changing to a vegan diet for some time, but didn't know how I could replace some of my favorite foods with vegan alternatives. I am talking about pizza, tacos, soups, burgers and etc. I knew that without my fave foods, I would cheat, and this kept me from making the changes I wanted to make. This book recognizes that although we might want to lead a more compassoinate and healthy life, most of us won't do so without satisfying our food preferences......therefore, all of your favorite foods are converted to vegan recipes here. And the ingredients are not hard to find like in some books; all are readily available in your local supermarket! The food are delicious and no more difficult to make, nor expensive, than the bad-for-you-cruelty versions. Loved this book...
- L. Bembenek (Amazon reviewer)

This is a truly wonderful cook book and if you're new to the vegan diet, I could't think of a better place to start. It's the kind of cookbook that makes you look at the food you just prepared and ponder "But wasn't this what I was eating before?" The recipes are the kind that you'd serve either because you want to eat comfort food, the type of meals you ate in your omnivore days, just sans the meat/eggs/dairy/ and cholesterol, or because you have a pack of omnivores coming over and you'd rather serve them a Reuben Sandwich with Potato salad (recipes found in the book) instead of explaining to them that they are about to eat "Stewed Tofu in Miso gravy" (Uh, not found in this book). I have to say, it's nice to have a cookbook that doesn't require me to add an additional shelf to my spice cabinet or schlep myself to Whole Foods for every recipe to find some arcane ingredient. The book also has a lot of information that'd be really useful to the incipient vegan and seasoned vegan alike. I should be a Good Vegan and say that you should read these portions because it humanizes the authors and helps you see why veganism is so crucial to animal welfare. But I'm going to be me (a decidedly Bad Vegan) and say that you should read these portions because they're really, really, funny. It's like Magic School Bus meets Veganism. You're entertained while educated. Again, whether your cookbook shelf my be empty or near empty at this point or you've got more cookbooks than shelves, this bad boy deserves a spot.
- Giovanni, The Chocolate Ken Doll (Amazon reviewer)

About the Author:

Nathan is the director of the No Kill Advocacy Center. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School, and a former criminal prosecutor as well as corporate attorney. He has written animal protection legislation at the state and national levels, has spoken nationally and internationally on animal issues and has created successful No Kill programs in both urban and rural communities. Under his leadership, Tompkins County, New York became the first No Kill community in the United States. Nathan is the author of Redemption, which won five national book awards and is the most acclaimed book on animal shelters ever written. This is his fourth book. Jennifer has worked in the animal rights movement for over 20 years. She is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and has a master's degree in the Humanities from Dominican University. She is the co-author (with Nathan) of All American Vegan, winner of USA Book News Best Cookbook in its class for 2011. Jennifer is a founding Board Member of the No Kill Advocacy Center and divides her time between promoting the No Kill philosophy and vegan advocacy. This is her second book. The Winograds live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their two children, shelter dog, formerly feral cats and rescued pigeons.

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