Animal Ingredients A to Z - Third Edition
From All Creatures Book and Video Review Guide

Author: Originally Compiled by the EG Smith Collective
Preface by Carol J. Adams
Introduction by Bruce Friedrich
Reviewed by Mary T. Hoffman


Copyright © 1997 E.G. Smith Press
First Edition 1995
Second edition 1997
Third edition 2004
ISBN 1-902593-81-2

Published by:
AK Press
674-A 23rd Street
Oakland, CA 94612-1163
USA Phone: (510) 208-1700
E-mail: [email protected] $9.95

AK Press
PO Box 12766
Edinburgh, Eh8 9YE Scotland
Phone: (0131) 555-5165
E-mail: [email protected] £7.95
Pages: 99
Cover and page design: [email protected] 


Animal Ingredients A to Z is the book that I recommended in my 18 March 2006 Blog. It is a handy, fun guide to so much, besides animal ingredients. In addition to the wonderful, helpful comments by Carol J. Adams and Bruce Friedrich, you will find all sorts of information: mail order book outlets, cruelty-free products/information; addresses and phone numbers; information and contacts in Europe; recommended literature including cookbooks, non-fiction, and travel & restaurant sources; sources of information on the internet; and a list of fascinating publications, including DVDs, from AK Press.

You will love this handy reference guide! I know I do!

From the Book:

Animal Ingredients is the definitive resource guide to food ingredients. With more than 2,000 listings and supplementary chapters on vegan nutrition, books, clothing, beer and wine, you’ll be a caring and confident consumer.

“Animal Ingredients A to Z” is an indispensable resource for new truths and new information. The EG Smith Collective has looked through the grocery store, the cosmetic store, the clothing store, they have looked into cars and at the coating on fruit, they have asked companies about teas and ‘natural flavorings’ and found the scattered body parts of nonhumans. The EG Smith Collective has restored the absent referent.” ~Carol J. Adams, from the preface

“Every vegan should own a copy of Animal Ingredients A to Z.”
~Erik Marcus, author of Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating


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