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Beyond Speciesism By Flavia Ursino-Coleman

Publisher: USNCOL Pty. Ltd


Beyond Speciesism
Beyond Speciesism By Flavia Ursino-Coleman
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Beyond Speciesism is a collection of poems written as if through the eyes of other species. It reflects back to the reader the plight of animals and the collective desire for kindness for those of feather, fur and fin.


These poems echo our collective desire to live in harmony with all animals and Mother Nature. They are exquisitively written.
~ Clare Mann

Exasperated with family and friends who won't consider veganism? Perhaps this book of poems is a new way to get them thinking.
~ Douglas V. Egan


Flavia Ursino-Coleman is a mother, grandmother and gifted Psychic, with over 30 years experience.

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