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Bright Yellow Buzz By Lee Slonimsky

Publisher: Spuyten Duyvil Publishing

Bright Yellow Buzz
Bright Yellow Buzz
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ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1956005625
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1956005622


Slonimsky’s poetic achievement in Bright Yellow Buzz is more than technique, more than memory, though master technique and master memory are everywhere in this work: it is nothing less than “spirit’s truth”; nothing less than transport: his landscape is written as though pen touched on bough. The artist-poet weathers in the work, in nature’s unknowable...
~ Robert C. Basner, M.D.

Lee Slonimsky has long been a master at illuminating minute details of the natural world with his evocative, accessible poetry. Bright Yellow Buzz confirms his status as a seer of nature, one who sees and hears a symphony in the "delicate" design found on a the "wan white petals" of a group of flowers: "like an open scroll, perched on a music stand," its notes rendered by bees and larks. In the second poem in this collection—Vermeer Near Tupper Lake—Slonimsky made me hear the symphony as well, with his incisive description of the flowers and their Summer environment. In A Certain Perspective, Slonimsky writes of "old massive trees," and describes them as being structured from "whirring emptiness within," their observable bulk being composed in actuality of atomic and sub-atomic particles, revealing the different levels of reality contained within the tree and hinting at the creative intelligence underlying all of them--the same creative intelligence that is manifested so brilliantly in this collection.
~ Marian L. (Amazon review)

This is a glorious book, and I love Slonimsky's intertwining of his math and science genius, poetic vision, and his esthetic incarnation of Pythagoras. There are too many great moments to name, including his deeply satisfying poem endings, for example: from "Disagreement in Athens,”…Not everyone agrees/that math is found in gardens; near by trees." This small moment in Bright Yellow Buzz illustrates Slonimsky's prophetic vision about nature, and how he helps the reader see math everywhere, and be amazed at it. I read recently that to be a poet, you have to "Keep being amazed." No one is more amazed by the many things we take for granted every day than poet Lee Slonimsky.
~ EJC (Amazon review)

About the Author

Lee Slonimsky has published ten collections of poetry. His third book, Pythagoras in Love, has been translated into French by the poet Elizabeth J. Coleman, and is currently being translated into modern Greek by the poet Stamatis Polenakis. With his wife, Hammett and Mary Higgins Clark Award winning novelist Carol Goodman, Lee has co-authored the Black Swan Rising trilogy. Lee is also a hedge fund manager who invests on behalf of the welfare and humane treatment of animals.

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