Compassionate Vegetarians, An Illustrated Journey - By Holly Harlayne Roberts
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Author: Holly Harlayne Roberts

Reviewed by: Robert Ellwood,

Publisher: Anjeli Press

Compassionate Vegetarians
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ISBN: 13:9780975484449


Here is another work by Holly Roberts. Compassionate Vegetarians is a very different kind of book. Its 151 pages consist of only one brief aphorism on each page, accompanied by a simple but attractive line drawing, usually of a nature scene. But many of them are indeed unforgettable.

Roberts starts out in the Preface by saying that here she has tried to express the sentiments of all those "who have chosen to live without taking the lives of other beings to sustain their own existence." Then, despite using the word in the title, she declares that she has always thought it unfortunate that the term vegetarian, in some ways a narrow, limiting kind of word, is used to describe what is truly an expansive, abundant way of life.

She suggests phrases like empathetic dieters, thoughtful sustainers, merciful consumers,or followers of non-violence, but comes back to compassionate vegetarians, and the book is a deep-level exposition of what this is all about from the idealistic side.

Here are a couple of examples in the book:

“Vegetarians believe that any being that longs to protect its young is a being who feels fear, compassion, and love.”

“Vegetarians believe that only when humankind acts humane, caring, and justly toward all beings — will there be peace on this planet.”

If you get a feeling this is a book you might to have by your bed or favorite chair to pick up, read, and contemplate over the coming days, weeks, or the rest of your life, then Compassionate Vegetarians is the book for you. It's clearly meant to inspire, to be taken gently, little-by-little. Think about it.

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