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Cops Don't Kill K9 Cops, Do They?: The Deadly Bad Habit Cops Don't Want You to Read About By Danny Nichols

Publisher: Independently published


Cops Don't Kill K9 Cops, Do They?: The Deadly Bad Habit Cops Don't Want You to Read About
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Cops don't really kill K-9 cops, do they? Read and find out. You will find out about a deadly bad habit police departments all around the world encourage. You will also be given a look at the bigger picture of why this tragedy keeps happening. It goes back further than most can imagine. Buckle up. It's going to be a wild ride into the past and the present.

An official with the department of Justice estimated that the police shoot over 10,000 dogs every year. According to the National Police Dog Foundation website: "It is an unfortunate fact that dozens of law enforcement K9s die from heat exhaustion in patrol cars every year." The killing of dogs and other animals by cops is systemic and unnecessary, but is just a symptom of a much bigger problem you will read about in this book. 

From Feral Faunas:

Brace yourself—this is far from a typical dog book. As we all sense, the world—human and beyond—face ever-increasing problems that overwhelm us with confusion and despair. Every day new and dire issues become heaped upon the previous ones, and we are hard-pressed to make sense of it all, let alone know what to do about a world that seems out of our control to change.

This book begins with revealing yet another problem that we may want to shrink from, given the millions of issues that call for piecemeal action. Thoroughly researched and passionately expressed, Danny pulls no punches in exposing the hypocrisy of the police K-9 culture. Hopefully, many will be inspired to take on the challenge of the K-9 issue Danny so lucidly yet heartbreakingly raises. Action on their behalf is desperately needed.

These accounts of K-9 dogs may further your despair about a world beyond repair. Concerns and hopes for a better world may drive you to ask existential questions about the why of a civilization seemingly hell-bent on destruction. If so, this is the book for you!

Danny uses the K-9 issue to both expose this singular problem, and as a lunchpad for a deep dive into the genesis of how we came to be such a brutal species, seemingly at war with both Earth and ourselves. In brilliant and profound fashion, he takes us where few writers have dared to go.

By revealing a pattern of canine carnage, and connecting these tragedies to the overarching issue of our predatory culture, Danny cut to the core with insight and inspiration.

Brace to be forever changed—to liberate and be liberated.

About the Author

I've been vegan since 2007, an anarchist almost as long, also an atheist. I've been a runner since age 13, so I've been running 35 years. I've done about a dozen marathons over the years, one 50 mile ultramarathon, and a bunch of 10 milers, 10ks and 5ks. This is my first book. I could have made it much longer, but I like to keep things simple and to the point.

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