How to Create a Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach By Tobias Leenaert
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Author: Tobias Leenaert
Reviewed by: Animal Rights/Vegan Activists


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"For those of us trying to determine the most effective ways to encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet, this book is most welcomed. Leenaert draws on a wide range of research, much of it done by Faunalytics and other animal advocacy research organizations, to inform his conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of a wide range of possible strategies. While some activists are convinced than an incremental, gradualist approach is most likely to help animals, others maintain that only an absolutist, abolitionist approach will work. Leenaert carefully considers the merits of these and other strategies designed to reduce humanity’s mistreatment of nonhumans. Among Leenaert’s insights, he notes that people who reduce animal consumption broaden the market for tasty, plant-based foods, which ultimately helps people adopt a vegan or near-vegan diet. A pragmatic approach is not committed to any one message or concept. While abstract principles such as animal rights, animal liberation, or personhood for animals might be effective strategies to reduce or eliminate animal suffering and abuse, the victims of abuse are much more concerned about relief from their abuse than promotion of principles. I recommend this well-written and thoughtful book."
—Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D., Christian Vegetarian Association

“Written with precision and clarity, How to Create a Vegan World provides sophisticated and unflinching insights that encourage animal advocates to utilize context-driven, unconventional, and often counterintuitive strategies. Tightly-woven layers of thought-provoking ideas champion a broad range of tactics and potential allies intended to sharpen our critical thinking and maximize our impact.”
—Dawn Moncrief, founding director, A Well-Fed World

“As religious, political, and dietary dogma enjoys a heyday, How to Create a Vegan World offers pragmatists a welcome haven. With research supporting his position, the author contends that in valuing both small changes and sweeping ones, we can build, rather than bulldoze, our way to a compassionate and sustainable world.”
—Victoria Moran, author, Main Street Vegan, and director, Main Street Vegan Academy

“Tobias Leenaert has a unique and practical point of view on all things vegan that cuts through the issues like a knife through a firm cake of tofu. He is not afraid to challenge common misconceptions and norms with his penetrating, fact-based reasoning. Always independent and illuminating, we count on activists like Tobias to lead the way towards a vegan world.”
—Seth Tibbott, founder and president, the Tofurky Company

“How to Create a Vegan World is a must-read for anyone who wants to maximize their impact to make the world a better place for animals. Tobias Leenaert synthesizes a wealth of research with his own extensive experience as a vegan advocate to present clear arguments and practical tips for effective vegan advocacy. I highly recommend this book!”
—Melanie Joy, PhD, author, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, cofounder and codirector, Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

“If the meat industry had to pick one book they don’t want you to read, this would be it.”
—Sebastian Joy, founder and director, ProVeg International

“Big-hearted and level-headed Tobias Leenaert shows us how we need both idealism and pragmatism in the animal rights movement, and that we can make greater, more strategic strides in through collaboration, inclusiveness and meeting people where they’re at. Listen to Tobias.”
—Jo-Anne McArthur, photojournalist, author, We Animals and Captive

“People don’t do anything when they think they have to do everything. This helpful book provides a practical outline for guiding people to take positive steps and for being the type of activist who asks the question, ‘Do I want to be right or do I want to be effective?’”
—Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, author, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

About the Author:

Tobias Leenaert is a longtime speaker, trainer, strategist, and the co-founder of the Belgian organization EVA (Ethical Vegetarian Alternative), the first vegetarian/vegan organization to receive structural funding from a national government. Under Tobias’ management, EVA launched a successful campaign that resulted with the city of Ghent becoming the first city ever to officially support a weekly vegetarian day. Tobias gives animal advocacy trainings worldwide together with Melanie Joy, for the Center of Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA). He is also co-founder of ProVeg, an international pro-vegan organization with the mission to reduce the global consumption of animals by fifty percent by the year 2040. Tobias lives in Ghent, Belgium, with his partner, two dogs, and six cats.

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