Death of a Whale By Captain Paul Watson
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Author: Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Publisher: Book Publishing Co.

Death of a Whale
Death of a Whale By Captain Paul Watson
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ISBN-10: 9781570674013

This is a fascinating narrative about a historic dispute involving cultural entitlement, the sovereignty of whales, and international whaling agreements. This compelling, in-depth account documents how Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fights to defend and protect whales and other aquatic marine mammals from human predators who hunt and murder them under the false pretense of Indigenous rights. In the process of discharging its duties, the organization has created global enemies and allies and, by necessity, has put its staff and vessels in harm’s way.

Reading like an electrifying adventure tale, this true-life logbook reveals how one community, the Makah (located on Washington’s Olympic peninsula), has attempted to circumvent international whaling laws by invoking outmoded cultural entitlements for the sole purpose of killing, rather than for sustenance or survival. Makah members, conservationists, and non-Indigenous Americans representing disparate points of view on the cultural appropriation of whaling rights contributed to the highly charged atmosphere of this incident.. Captain Paul Watson discloses his deeply personal motivations and details why the organization’s mission is both urgent and essential.

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About the Author:

Captain Paul Watson is a Canadian-American marine conservation activist who founded the direct action group the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 1977 and was more recently featured in Animal Planet’s popular television series “Whale Wars” and the documentary about his life, “Watson.” Sea Shepherd’s mission is to protect all ocean-dwelling marine life. Watson has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books, including Death of a Whale (2021), Urgent! (2021), Orcapedia (2020), Dealing with Climate Change and Stress (2020), The Haunted Mariner (2019), and Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate (2013).

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