Dealing in Downers: California's Dairy Industry
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Documentary on California's Dairy Industry. 11 minutes -VHS format

California has become the top dairy state in the U.S., and with this development, California is also the site of some the country's most extreme animal cruelty. According to figures provided by the California Milk Producer's Council, approximately one in every four dairy cows in California becomes so sick that she becomes a 'downer' -- an animal too ill or badly injured to even stand.

"Dealing in Downers: California's Dairy Industry" provides an inside view of intensive milk production practices common on California dairies. It describes how these practices cause animal suffering and illness. Undercover footage obtained by Farm Sanctuary investigators shows downed dairy cows and calves being dragged, pushed with forklifts, and abandoned to die from neglect.

Scenes from "Dealing in Downers: California's Dairy Industry" aired on television news reports throughout California and prompted passage of the first state law prohibiting downed animal abuse at stockyards and slaughterhouses. This narrated 11 minute presentation includes information on what you can do to help stop downed animal suffering.

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Every year, over eight billion farm animals are raised, transported, and slaughtered under grossly inhumane conditions. Your help is urgently needed to ensure that farm animals are recognized as living, sentient beings -- in the courts, in the laws, in the hearts and minds of people.

With member support, Farm Sanctuary is investigating and prosecuting farm animal abusers; passing legislation banning cruel farming practices; exposing the meat, egg, and dairy industries; and operating the largest shelters in the country for victims of "food animals" production.

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