Elephants Among Us: Two Performing Elephants in 20th Century America by M. Jaynes
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Author: M. Jaynes
Reviewed by: PAWS Performing Animals Welfare Society


elephants in america
Elephants Among Us: Two Performing Elephants in 20th Century America by M. Jaynes
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All too often the sad lives and deaths of captive elephants go unrecorded or they are lost with time. In "Elephants Among Us: Two Performing Elephants in 20th Century America", with the foreword written by PAWS President Ed Stewart, author Mike Jaynes sets out to preserve the memories of elephants Stoney and Mary. Though they lived decades apart, their stories are united by their exploitation for "entertainment" and their tragic ends.

The greater part of "Elephants Among Us" chronicles the plight of Stoney, a male Asian elephant who was crippled when his rear leg hamstring snapped while practicing a hind leg stand for a Las Vegas show. In excruciating pain and unable to stand, he was relegated to a windowless building. That's when fearless animal activist Linda Faso joined forces with PAWS co-founder, the late Pat Derby, to fight for Stoney.

Jaynes effectively uses first-hand accounts of events, both for Stoney and the elephant Mary, whose much older story is told in the latter part of the book. While the subject matter may be difficult, Jaynes' meticulous research and interesting perspectives keep you engaged. After reading this book you will never forget these elephants - and that's how it should be.

About the Author:

M. Jaynes is a nonfiction writer living in the Southeastern United States. His work focuses on nature, animals, and the environment. NOTE from the author: We are proud to present this second edition of Elephants Among Us. The first edition (blue cover) is out of print though used copies are available online. Nonetheless, buying this new edition is highly recommended. It has a new forward from Ed Stewart of the Performing Animal Welfare Society, and it is priced more affordably. The second edition is available in print and digital formats and is currently exclusively offered through Amazon.com and the Kindle Direct Publishing.

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