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Embracing Limits: A Radical and Necessary Approach to the Environmental Crisis By Keith Akers

Publisher: Earth Animal Trust

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Keith Akers
Embracing Limits: A Radical and Necessary Approach to the Environmental Crisis
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If you care about the future of humans on planet earth, Embracing Limits is a must read. It is a towering beacon in a very dark time.
~ Howard F. Lyman, Author, Mad Cowboy

Wow. This amazing book deserves a careful, slow reading . . . Its full of alarming facts, but also proposes some outside the box solutions that I pray current and future generations will take to heart.
~ Seth Tibbott, Founder and Chairman of The Tofurky Company

It is a breathtakingly broad piece of systems research and story telling that will depress you in the beginning, but will reward you if you persist through to the end.
~ Sailesh Rao, Executive Director, Climate Healers, author, Carbon Dharma and Carbon Yoga

I learned a lot. . . . the depth and breadth of understanding of our environmental situation is impressive.
~ JoAnn Farb, author, Compassionate Souls

At last someone knowledgeable is writing about "radical and necessary" actions we must take--and soon!--even though they seem not to be politically feasible at the moment. Those actions are to 1) substantially reduce personal consumption, 2) substantially reduce human population, and 3) drastically reduce or eliminate livestock agriculture. The author not only states these actions clearly, but supports them with considerable research and much deep thinking. I was one of the lucky ones to read this before publication. No one wants to be told they have to scale back their purchasing of large inefficient homes, cars, lots of clothes and the frequent travel they may have become accustomed to, even though a less consumptive lifestyle can be rewarding. Many do not want to reduce or eliminate the consumption of animal products in their diet, even though the benefits to human health as well as to our planet would be enormous. Wake up, everyone! Economic growth cannot continue on a finite planet, and Embracing Limits gives us the information and motivation we need to move forward and stop trying futilely to make the impossible work.
~ Kate Lawrence


Keith Akers is a writer, speaker, and activist. He's also the author of Disciples (Apocryphile Press, 2013), The Lost Religion of Jesus (Lantern Books, 2000), and A Vegetarian Sourcebook (G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1983), and numerous articles on the environment and plant-based diets. In his former life as a computer consultant, he worked on projects with the US Departments of State and Education, American Management Systems, Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobile (now Verizon), and others. You can reach him at

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