The Humane Solution: Reducing Feral Cat Populations with Trap - Neuter - Return
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You already know the scenario. Prowling near virtually every convenience store and dumpster, and in many backyards, are wild (feral) cats. Your city gets dozens, maybe hundreds, of complaints a years. Many more citizens don't call at all because they don't want cats killed. Meanwhile, the feral cat population grows.

You'll find The Humane Solution invaluable because it outlines a cost-saving, nonlethal solution called trap-neuter-return (TNR) that's working for communities nationwide. TNR means that feral cats are trapped, neutered, and vaccinated at a veterinary facility, then returned to their home environment.

The Humane Solution documents the success of TNR in cities large and small. If you're new to TNR, you'll learn how it works and why. if you're already considering TNR, you'll get some ideas for how to make it work in your community.

When you're ready for a pilot program, contact Alley Cat Allies, the national feral cat resource. Alley Cat Allies can help you design a low-cost animal control alternative.

"My job is to promote public safety. TNR works." ~Ron Cash, Director of Health Atlantic City Health Department, Atlantic City, NJ

"Complaints have dropped dramatically." ~Clay Criswell, Executive Director Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, Pittsburgh, PA

"We now sterilize more cats than we kill." ~Linda Haller, Manager Orange County Animal Services, Orlando, FL


Alley Cat Allies, founded in 1990, promotes the humane treatment of ferals. Alley Cats Allies is dedicated to changing public opinion and policy on behalf of feral cats. Trap-neuter-return is endorsed by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, the Cornell Feline Health Center, the Doris Day Animal League, and other animal protection groups.

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