Food Is Climate: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, and the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change By Glen Merzer
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Author: Glen Merzer

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Publisher: Self published

Glen Merzer
Food Is Climate: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, and the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change
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The Climate Emergency threatens civilization. All life forms on the planet depend now on humanity to undo the harm it has done. Unfortunately, those who have been leading the charge to address climate change, such as Al Gore, have not been telling us the whole truth. They have continued to ignore its leading cause. Food Is Climate gives us hope that the crisis can be addressed--in a way that will improve human health--but only if there's a grassroots movement to do the right thing, because clearly politicians and even environmental organizations have refused to lead. Climate change is real, it’s here now, it’s getting worse very fast, and the consequences if we don’t fully address it are certain to be utterly catastrophic. People like Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Paul Hawken see how terribly dangerous our situation is, but their proposals fall seriously short of what’s needed if we are to have a viable future. And that’s what makes this stunning and highly readable book by Glen Merzer so incredibly important. There are in fact steps we could take that would defeat climate change and save our world, and Glen makes it clear exactly what they are. This book is an extraordinary antidote to the hopelessness that many of us feel. But more importantly, it may very well present us with the heretofore missing key to solving what is probably the greatest problem ever to confront humanity."
—John Robbins, best-selling author and President, Food Revolution Network

“Food Is Climate is a razor-sharp analysis of the crucial role of diet for saving our home, Planet Earth. Merzer’s work provides the most concise argument I have seen for why we must revert back to the traditional diets of human beings; diets based on common starches, such as corn, potatoes, and rice. This is the same diet, I, as a medical doctor, have used to cure thousands of my patients, over the past forty-four years, suffering with common chronic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.”
—John McDougall, MD, Author, Researcher, Grandfather

"A must-read!"
— Chef AJ, Author, The Secrets to Ultimate Weight-Loss

"Food Is Climate is the only book in the world that discloses the complete truth about the relationship — and the timeline of discovery — between humans eating animals, climate change and our steadily declining chances for surviving much longer as a species. It shines a bright, embarrassing light on Al Gore, one of the few globally-recognized leaders who understand the complete truth about climate change — but lacks the courage to share that crucial knowledge with the public. Maybe this book will help to shame him into taking a global stand on the most crucial topic in the history of humanity. Leveraging his global fame and wealth, he could make a real difference by loudly, and urgently, sharing the truth with the public about the paramount importance of a rapid shift to plant-based eating throughout the world."
— J. Morris Hicks, author of Healthy Eating, Healthy World and OUTCRY

"Glen Merzer has that unique ability to tackle tough issues with humor and wisdom. If I could sum up this book in one word, it would be INCONTROVERTIBLE!”
— Shaun Monson, writer/director, EARTHLINGS and UNITY

"Glen Merzer's book speaks the really inconvenient truth to power: animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change, habitat destruction, human world hunger, and preventable human disease. The Powers-that-Be need to read it now. We are headed toward a climate apocalypse if we don't look at this issue.—Jane Velez-Mitchell, NY Times bestselling author/journalist

"I strongly believe Merzer is right, and we need to get behind these ideas.”
— Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop, Former Principal Scientist, Queensland Government Natural Resources, Australia

"The UN recently posted a warning that humanity has just two years to make dramatic changes needed to prevent irreparable damage to the planet. Yet, even while issuing that warning, the UN’s climate chief, Simon Stiell, was painfully silent on the simplest explanation for our predicament, our folly of exploiting and killing trillions of innocent animals unnecessarily every year. This is the Cow in the Room prevalent in all aspects of our lives today. The obvious solution to world hunger is staring us in the face three times a day on our meal plates. For us Climate Healers, it is self-evident that if we can raise and feed 90 billion land animals and slaughter them each year for our meals, then surely we can feed 8 billion humans without starving a billion people. Therefore, world hunger is a choice we make three times a day and it is time to take responsibility for our choices and for the 10 million human lives lost each year from hunger related causes."
— Read Two Years to Change the World from

About the Author:

Glen Merzer grew up in Bellmore, N.Y., and was educated at New College of Florida, Indiana University, and Boston University. His latest work is FOOD IS CLIMATE: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, & the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change. He is the author of OWN YOUR HEALTH, to which Chef AJ added more than 75 healthy vegan recipes, and he is the co-author of THE SECRETS TO ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS and UNPROCESSED by Chef AJ. He is also the co-author of MAD COWBOY and NO MORE BULL! by Howard Lyman. And he is the co-author of FOOD OVER MEDICINE with Pam Popper, BETTER THAN VEGAN with Del Sroufe, and THE PLANT ADVANTAGE with Benji Kurtz. All these works advocate the low-fat, plant-based diet. OFF THE RESERVATION, his first novel, was selected as one of the "Best Books of 2015--Indie" by Kirkus Reviews and one of "Our Favorite Books of 2015" by Progressive Magazine. Glen is also a playwright and screenwriter, with three of his plays published by Samuel French.

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