A Heart for Baby: Based on a True Story By D.C. Danton
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Author: D.C. Danton

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Publisher: BookBaby; 1st edition (October 7, 2020)

Heart for Baby
A Heart for Baby: Based on a True Story
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B. Dorsch
Emotionally engaging and superbly written, A Heart for Baby is a love story that will captivate both pet owners and animal lovers alike. As I followed Diana Danton on her journey and transformation, I was rooting for "Baby" with every turn of the page. The author confronts honestly and intelligently the hard questions concerning meat production, its impact on the world, and animal sentience. In conclusion, A Heart for Baby is not only entertaining but also enlightening. I came away a better person for having read it and that is perhaps its charm and magic.

Amazon customer
This was encouraging reading at home in pandemic isolation. We learn from the news carries stories of wasted lands in the American West and the Amazon—forests wasted for the raising of beef. Precious water is lost to mammals due to global warming and monoculture. These are lessons from Switzerland for all the world.

About the Author:

D.C. Danton is an animal rights activist and novelist. She fondly remembers her first encounter with animals at the tender age of two when she road on the back of a giant Labrador Retriever called “Mike.” She dreamed of becoming a park ranger and then a veterinarian but married and moved to San Francisco and started an engineering company representing a Swiss company involved in clean water technology. She supported her local animal shelters and provided homes for several dogs herself.

In 2010, she moved to Switzerland, settling in a small town on the shores of Lake Constance, not far from the Swiss Alps. The beauty of the lake and surrounding area were breathtaking, but behind the pristine facade lay a darker picture. A picture of animal abuse and cruelty which Diana Danton couldn’t ignore. Baby the cow had entered her life, and the fight to save her from the slaughterhouse had set her on a new path from which there was no return. She embarked on a new career as an animal rights activist and novelist and continues to live with her husband and rescued cat L.C. on the shores of Lake Constance.

A Heart for Baby is D.C. Danton’s first novel. She also lobbies on behalf of animal rights and animal welfare and promotes veganism across the world. She is currently working on a sequel, a collection of animal stories, and two another novels called The Hobby Farmer and Bird Wars.

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