Human-Animal Reconciliation: Franciscan Faith-based Interspecies Communications and Its Implications for Wildlife Management
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Author: Daniel A. Salomon, n/OEF

Reviewed by Frank L. Hoffman


This book is published by Daniel A. Salomon, OEF
2007 Daniel A. Salomon
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Daniel A. Salomon describes Human-Animal Reconciliation as a "research project" that studied the differences and similarities between the way Saint Francis of Assisi approached and communicated with animals in a theological way, and the ways in which scientists study animal behavior, and then applies this to ways of eliminating the conflicts of human-animal encounters.  In this endeavor, Daniel constantly points out the importance of combining the spiritual and scientific approached together.  The book is really a theo-scientific approach to solving human-animal conflicts.

We found Human-Animal Reconciliation very interesting, though somewhat technical, but at the same time, we constantly related to similar situations in our own encounters with both wild and domesticated animals. One of the things that we have found is that because we are vegans and don't smell like carnivores, we don't seem to trigger the fright and flight response as often as flesh eaters seem to do, and like Daniel, we believe that this is part of our spiritual relationship with God and His other created beings.

Human-Animal Reconciliation has inspired us to do more investigating and experimenting on ways of trying to find compassionate ways of ending human-animal conflicts.  Killing is not an acceptable answer, and we encourage others to read this book, and apply it's methods to their ways of approaching and communicating with the other animals that share this world with us.

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