In Your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist by Chris DeRose
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Author: Chris DeRose, Last Chance for Animals (LCA)
Reviewed by: Various


chris derose
In Your Face: From Actor to Animal Activist by Chris DeRose
Available from Last Chance for Animals (LCA)


The word injustice makes Chris DeRose a very angry man. Time and time again, as head of Last Chance for animals, he has proven how dedicated he is. A straight shooter, outspoken, and totally fearless in the face of adversity. Chris is a true friend to the animals of this world and in many instances has put his life on the line for them. I wish there were more people like him.
- Kim Basinger

No other human I know works as hard as Chris to fight against the injustice and inhumanity done to animals.
- Linda Blair

Chris is a man committed so strongly to his own convictions on the humane treatment of animals, nothing stands in his way. His is a fearless fight to right the wrongs perpetrated on the voiceless, innocent beings on our planet.
- Tippi Hedren

About the Author:

For over three decades, Chris DeRose has been a leader in the animal rights movement, and an inspiration and consultant to countless individuals and groups dedicated to the animal cause. In 1984, he founded Last Chance for Animals (LCA), an international, nonprofit animal advocacy organization focused on investigating, exposing, and ending animal exploitation.

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