Learning How to Fly: A Speed Reel Journey Toward Life's Purpose By Britt Lind
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Author: Britt Lind

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Britt Lind
Learning How to Fly: A Speed Reel Journey Toward Life's Purpose
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ISBN-10: 1544629591
ISBN-13 : 978-1544629599


Rick Bogle
Learning How to Fly is the story of unstoppable passion. Britt Lindís acting career was filled with a seeming endless series of wins and setbacks, but she persevered. Readers with an interest in the tough and quixotic world of Hollywood movie-making will find much in Lindís story to hold their interest. I was surprised that even successful actors can find it a continuous and difficult challenge.
But the book is much more than a behind the scenes look at movie making. Lindís passion for acting is matched by her compassion for animals. Whether writing about rescuing cats, speaking up for fur seals and whales, or taking on the animal experimentation industry, her get-back-up-again spirit is clear throughout the pages. Readers with an interest in the road to her animal advocacy will not be disappointed.

Helen DiGi
Ms Lind is a passionate lady who never gave up on her dream despite many ups and downs in life. A sweet read for the Summer or anytime. Enjoy.

Lara McCarthy
In the inspirational autobiography Learning How to Fly talented actress Britt Lind shares how she found her calling to become an animal rights activist while still holding on to her love of acting. Itís an account of a goodhearted person navigating the sometimes shady landscape of the entertainment industry who never gives up, no matter what challenges she faces. Lindís writing-style is so honest and direct that it feels as though she has given you permission to read her diary and it leaves you both in awe of her strength and inspired to be a better person yourself.

Diane K. Dolphihn
Awesome book, and great gift idea for anybody who has a dream, and makes it come true! Written by a girl from Norway, who had a love for acting and for animals. This is a wonderful biography of her life, showing her hard work and dedication in fulfilling her goals. It is truly an inspiration to all artists, and people in general. Main theme -- NEVER GIVE UP! Britt is now not only a successful actress, but a true champion for all animals! Do yourself a favor and buy this book, not only for yourself, but for those you love. You won't regret it!

K. Schramm
Britt Lind's memoir gives the reader glimpses of her personal internal struggles when it came to being a successful actor, and then when it came to being an anti-vivisection animal rights activist. She describes these struggles and triumphs with such an honest clarity, which makes this book an intriguing read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Learning How to Fly: A Speed Reel Journey Toward Life's Purpose by Britt Lind is a lovely autobiography full of bad and good moments. There is a lot of passion in this book. The author was passionate to become a working actress, and she managed to do that successfully considering that she didnít have any help and lot of time she got betrayed by her close friends and associates. The authorís integrity and moral compass s evident in the book, and also her love for animals is commendable. Itís a very educational book for anyone that wants to pursue acting as a paying profession. Furthermore, the beautiful descriptions of the authorís escapades and life experience will make you think a lot of things and reconsider a lot more. Itís a memoir that does not blame anyone, itís full of love and understanding, and you can see the ability of the writer's to learn from her mistakes and become better. Highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be an actor or actress and also anyone who loves animals.

About the Author:

Britt Lind is an actress, singer and writer who has performed in television shows, movies and on stage in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, B.C. She has written several screenplays and wrote and directed a short film titled Obsession. She came in as runner-up in the Washington State Screenwriting Competition for her screenplay "A Light in the Forest" and recently won the Beverly Hills Book Awards for her memoir Learning How to Fly. Britt lives in Thousand Oaks, California with her husband, Nick Alexander, a screenwriter, and their three feral cats, Teeny, Toughie and Baby Hughie who used to live a hardscrabble life in the cold and rain in the frozen north and now enjoy a life of luxury in the sun as is their due. Britt is also president of a nonprofit, People for Reason in Science and Medicine (PRISM), a pro-health, pro-environment, anti-vivisection organization. Her website is BrittLind.com.

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