Liberate: Stories & Lessons on Animal Liberation Above the Law - by Peter Young
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Author: Peter Young

Publisher: Warcry Communications

Liberate Peter Young
Liberate: Stories & Lessons on Animal Liberation Above the Law - by Peter Young
ISBN-10: 1732709653
ISBN-13: 978-1732709652
Available from Warcry Communications

Notes from the Author

Over the last decade, I have been slowly (very slowly) compiling writings and lecture transcripts into book form, and that book has arrived: Liberate: Animal Liberation Above The Law, Stories And Lessons On The Animal Liberation Front, Animal Rights Activism, & The Animal Liberation Underground.

Liberate comes in at nearly 400 pages with essays spanning nearly 20 years.

A sample of the subjects I cover:

  • Breaking into farms and labs.
  • Researching ALF targets.
  • Fugitive stories of being hunted by the FBI.
  • History of ALF lab raids.
  • How to liberate animals from farms (and more).
  • Prison survival for activists.
  • Anecdotes and lessons from being targeted law enforcement.
  • The outlaw’s guide to security culture.
  • The “seven laws of militance.”
  • Actionable lessons and tactics from the Animal Liberation Front.
  • ...and more.

The book ends with a deliberately-positioned message to any animal liberation activist advancing in years, and how the greatest threat to your long term efficacy isn’t the FBI, it’s irrelevance through blind conformity to your “radical activist” identity.

My mission with Liberate is explicit: To write the book I wish I had access to when I was 18 and eager to shortcut past the learning curve of taking effective action.

For more information about the book, go to Animal Liberation

About the Author

At various times, Peter Young has been a fugitive, protester, author, prisoner, felon, spokesperson, entrepreneur, hobo, saboteur, publisher, speaker, and criminal of conscience.

By various federal agencies and trade groups, he has been called a terrorist, eco-terrorist, domestic terrorist, “special interest” terrorist, burglar, accessory after the fact, danger to the community, armed and dangerous, flight risk, escape risk, and unindicted co-conspirator.

By various journalists and authors, he has been called arrogant, unrepentant, privileged, notorious, defiant, controversial, self-aggrandizing, entitled, and “basically homeless.”

Today he runs internet businesses and continues his lifelong and unbroken succession of conspiracies.

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