Lolita: Slave to Entertainment
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Reviewed by Mary T. Hoffman



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Written, Directed and Edited by:
Timothy Michael Gorski

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We recommend this outstanding, award-winning, documentary film. It is an excellent educational vehicle for exposing the sinister side of "animal entertainment."

Since watching Lolita: Slave to Entertainment, many thoughts have come to mind. One of them is the often-quoted "the truth will set you free" to which I would add, "and the animals, too." I thought back to the time when we went along with the crowd, taking our child to those animal exploitation shows. I thought how naïve we were: while believing that we were being good parents, we were actually conditioning our child to accept the lies of exploiters and manipulators as being the truth.

I have thought how the only effective way of stopping such tragedies is to reveal the truth, so that people can choose whether they want to spend their money in supporting and perpetuating morally bankrupt industries. After all, as long such activities are profitable, they will keep on going. So it all comes down to educating the public, until one day, it will be socially unacceptable to participate in such "uncivilized" behavior.

Publisher's Comments:

LOLITA: Slave To Entertainment is a Rattle the Cage Production

This production was made for Lolita and all other animals who suffer in captivity for human entertainment and exploitation.

At Rattle the Cage, we are focused on educating the public about the issues of speciesism and animal cruelty through documentary video production. Our goal is to unveil the secrets, expose the truth, and provide the public with the materials to make educated decisions. We believe that in our world, this world of automatic and conditioned values, it is crucial to be informed with truth in order to think "outside the box." We exist to help promote an ethical and morally minded society, and to evoke a more profound understanding of the relationship between humans and animals.

Our films are made for the animals--animals that are stolen away from their families to be put on display, caged for entertainment and "so-called" education, animals that are bred and inbred in filthy facilities for the sole purpose of making profit, animals that are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, forced into the torturous life of mass production in diseased environments, and animals that are used for violent and superfluous experiments. Our films are honest, sometimes brutally honest.

—Valerie Silidker - Vice President

All proceeds from the sale of LOLITA: Slave To Entertainment support the programs Of Rattle The Cage Productions Inc. and ensure that we may continue to deliver accurate and insightful documentaries regarding animal welfare.

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