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Author: Charles Horn
Reviewed by: Robert Grillo, Free From Harm

meat logic Charles Horn
Meat Logic: Why We Eat Animals for Eating Animals
By Charles Horn
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Meat Logic: The Book that Examines Our Rationalizations for Eating Animals

While much animal advocacy justifiably focuses on our emotional connections to animals, Meat Logic: Why We Eat Animals by author Charles Horn, reveals that many rationalizations for eating animal products are actually based on appeals to reason or logic and therefore may not be effectively addressed with emotional appeals alone. This includes the many naturalistic fallacies and pseudo-scientific claims such as “we have evolved to eat meat,” “eating animals is the basis for our higher consciousness and/or more advanced brains,” and “animals eat other animals; so it’s all part of the natural order for humans to eat other animas as well.”

Meat Logic evaluates an exhaustive set of these rationalizations against the growing awareness that eating animals is simply not necessary for good health and long life. The book is written in a language that is both easily approachable and yet rich with meaning. Other more scholarly papers have addressed these rationalizations as well, but Meat Logic illuminates them with striking clarity.

The book opens with an overview of the most widely recognized animal rights positions to provide novice readers with a foundation for understanding how the debate over eating animals has evolved. In the core section that follows, each rationalization is identified and examined one by one, culminating in a chapter called Meat Logic which masterfully distills all of the major points mentioned earlier in just a few salient pages.

If you’re already an animal advocate seeking more effective ways of addressing barriers to veganism, you will not only want to read this book for its fresh perspective, but keep it closely on hand to reference whenever you need some inspiration and direction in discussions with others. And for those who are simply curious about the subject of why we eat animals, they will find challenging and persuasive insights that could very well change their hearts and minds, inspiring them to take a fresh look at their food choices.

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About the Author:

Charles Horn is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated writer. He has written for the wildly popular Robot Chicken and Robot Chicken: Star Wars as well as the hit animated sitcom Fugget About It. He also has a Ph.D. from Princeton University and holds five degrees in engineering and mathematics.

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