Meat Market: Animals, Ethics, and Money
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Author: Erik Marcus



Brio Press Ithaca, New York, USA

$21.95 US Hardcover

2005 Erik Marcus ISBN 0-9758679-0-3


Meat Market is a well-written and documented book.  In it, Erik Marcus tells the story of animal agriculture: the health risks, the environmental problems, and the horrible way the animals are treated.  He goes out of his way to tell the actual, provable facts, and dispels and dismisses the myths generated by the animal protection movement, which he claims hurts their efforts.

Eric Marcus challenges the present-day organizations that are involved with vegetarianism (veganism) and animal protection by pointing out their limited scope, and presents a "new" consolidated effort, which he calls "Dismantlement."

Meat Market's presentation of "dismantlement," if adopted, would solve all the present-day problems of animal suffering, health, and the environment by eliminating or dismantling the root cause of each: animal agriculture.

The book also contains a series of essays by activists in the vegetarian/vegan and animal rights movement, in which they discuss their personal views and reasons for entering their present career fields and activism.

The final portion of Meat Market is an appendix containing a series of thought-provoking arguments about health, the environment, and the ethics of the way animals are treated.

Meat Market is an important work for anyone interested in learning about what really happens to animals, the effect on our society, and what can be done to help eliminate the suffering.

About the Author:

Erik Marcus is one of America's leading writers about animal agriculture.  He is also the publisher of, a popular website devoted to animal protection and the vegan lifestyle.  A highly regarded public speaker, Mr. Marcus lives in Upstate New York.

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