Murder at the P&Z
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Author: Dorothy H. Hayes

Reviewed by Frank and Mary Hoffman

Murder at the P&Z







Mainly Murder Press (April 1, 2013)
PO Box 290586
Wethersfield, CT 06129-0586
Copyright © 2013 by Dorothy H. Hayes
ISBN-10: 098819449X
ISBN-13: 978-0988194496
$15.95 US
Available at: and Barns & Noble


Reading Murder at the P&Z by Dorothy H. Hayes is like jumping on a fast moving commuter train with Carol Rossi an investigative reporter, along with Jerry, her boyfriend detective (both vegans by the way) as they investigate a local murder, the first in 86 years in the town.   But instead of picking up passengers at each station, as commuter trains do, we get new evidence and questions and speed along to the next piece with anticipation.   Then there’s another murder, more information, intrigue, being stalked, the Bimini connection, the mob connection, and many more questions all along the way; culminating in the suspense filled solving of the crimes.

Reading Murder at the P&Z is a must read for any mystery fan.

About the Author:

Dorothy H. Hayes, a vegan for over 25 years has been a teacher, a journalist, and a staff writer and public relations director for a national animal protection organization.  This is her second novel; her previous was Animal Instinct. She and her husband live in Stamford, Connecticut.


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