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Author: H. Jay and Anne Dinshah
Reviewed by: Dr. Michael Klaper, Dawn Moncrief


powerful vegan messages
Powerful Vegan Messages by H. Jay and Anne Dinshah
Available through American Vegan Society. Powerful Vegan Messages book will be released in print on July 1 2014. Advance review pdf copy is currently available. Contact: Anne Dinshah.


“Someone must speak for reason, compassion, and hope—and this book will be a powerful voice for that cause.”
Dr. Michael Klaper

Powerful Vegan Messages is a delightful and profound blend of advocacy, history, and philosophy in the posthumous work of H. Jay Dinshah edited and updated by his daughter Anne. Leaders in the vegan community provide loving tribute in heartwarming recollections about this activist and pioneer. The stories are at once galvanizing for seasoned advocates, and relatable and encouraging to new vegans and the vegan-curious. Everyone is empowered with Jay’s ethical vision and method to live in a way that is courageous and kind.”
—Dawn Moncrief, A Well-Fed World

About the Author:

H. Jay Dinshah (1933-2000) was a motivational speaker, lifelong vegetarian, vegan since 1957, founder of American Vegan Society (AVS) in 1960, editor of Ahimsamagazine, and president of AVS for forty years. Jay's daughter Anne Dinshah is a motivational speaker, managing editor of American Vegan magazine, vice president of AVS, and a lifelong vegan. She authored the book Dating Vegans and coauthored Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook.

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