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Pride Goes Before Destruction: Human Vanity, Animal Agriculture, and the New Covenant Solution By Matthew A. King

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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Matthew A. King
Pride Goes Before Destruction: Human Vanity, Animal Agriculture, and the New Covenant Solution
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In Pride Goes Before Destruction, Matthew King explains in detail why human pride is causing enormous pain and suffering to animals and the destruction of our environment, and he uses the Bible to prove his point. He even argues both sides of many biblical interpretations, and where pride gets in the way of truth. Pride Goes Before Destruction is a must-read for everyone.”
— Frank L Hoffman, pastor,

“Matthew King convincingly shows how pride is at the root of our wrong attitude toward animals, resulting in needless animal suffering, human health problems, and environmental destruction. Only by embodying the humility of Jesus through the New Covenant can humanity’s relationship to animals and to the earth be healed and restored to what God designed it to be from the beginning.”
—Craig Wescoe, pastor, Creation Care Church

“Matthew King’s book is an absolute must-read for Christians who believe that our sins have consequences. He offers compelling arguments concerning our obligations to examine how we are sinning in relation to God’s creation by living in hubristic pride and self-deification. King then calls us to action within today’s New Covenant and outlines the importance of reading Scripture through the lens of peace for all, starting with the Ten Commandments and moving forward.”
—Tams Nicholson, executive director,


Matthew A. King is the author of I Will Abolish the Bow: Christianity, Personhood, and the End of Animal Exploitation, as well as the President and Co-Founder of the Christian Animal Rights Association. Matthew is also a Registered Nurse licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.

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