Replenish The Earth
From All Creatures Book and Video Review Guide

Author: Lewis Regenstein

Reviewed by ANIMAL RIGHTS ONLINE [email protected]


New York: Crossroad, 1991




There are simply no other books like this one - the first to comprehensively examine the attitudes and histories of the world's great religions on the treatment of animals and the environment. Although 'reverence for life' has a long and sacred tradition in Christianity and Judaism, few Western religious leaders or institutions in modern times have spoken out on humankind's resonsibilities to the natural world. Fortunately, a burgeoning movement has recently arisen among people of the world's faiths to promote these humane and conservational precepts. Replenish The Earth is informative, inspiring, and enjoyable to read.  It also provides a unique and invaluable resource for everyone concerned about the fate of the earth and all living creatures: environmentalists, animal lovers, historians, teachers, and the general public.

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