Shut up to Graduate: The Hidden Animal Abuse and Cruelty in Vet Schools By Jamie Scott
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Author: Jamie Scott

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Publisher: Barkwins Network

Shut up to Graduate
Shut up to Graduate: The Hidden Animal Abuse and Cruelty in Vet Schools
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This expose' is of dire importance. Aspiring veterinarians who plan to enter the profession because they love animals, need to be aware of what kind of system they will likely encounter. The general public would surely want to know what goes on in veterinariy school as well. I applaud Jamie Scott for telling her story. She is one of the few courageous people who will stand up and speak out. If more people would show a back bone, we would see our trusted, but derelict, institutions be forced to reform themselves. I read the entire book in one day -- couldn't help myself. Although I am already aware of the ignorance, laziness, cowardice, apathy and outright cold criminality rampant in the "healing" professions, I found the author's account of what she witnessed and endured throughout her training riveting.
Sandra Bell, Co-Founder, PRISM People for Reason in Science and Medicine

Shut up to Graduate is a unique perspective of a compassionate student who does her best to help the animals in her care. The book is articulate, insightful and directed towards any audience that cares about the plight of animals. Ultimately Jamie is harassed, subjected to verbal assaults and discriminated against for taking a stand in order to do what is right for the animals. The book is rare in that there are few if any voices critiquing the ethics of veterinary schools, particularly Ross University Veterinary School.
- Anonymous Amazon reviewer

Shut up to Graduate is a tale of loss of innocence. Jamie is a sincere, caring individual who is trying to finish her veterinary education at what is considered one of the premier veterinary teaching schools in the Western United States. She had finished three years at a vet school in the Caribbean where she became identified as an animal rights advocate. Her simple desire to become a "shelter vet" to help the many unwanted animals in the world collides with the realities of modern veterinary medicine which is focused on animals as "food production" or as revenue streams. Jamie's vision of what is "right" is highlighted through a series of interactions with the teaching doctors who are dismissive of her intentions and approach. As Jamie goes to great lengths and sometimes personal sacrifice to help animals in distress, she becomes an object of derision by some of the doctors whose profession it is to care for animals who have no one else to turn to. Despite being prepared, motivated, and earnest, Jamie is ultimately culled from the ranks of future veterinarians by the "system" whose rewards go to those who buy in to that value system. This first person story is a compelling account of her struggle to speak for the animals for they have no voice.
- Bill, Amazon reviewer

This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about animals and wants to understand the deep-rooted problems in certain vet schools that can lead to desensitization of vet students to cruelty and neglect. In this book, Jamie passionately tells her own story of struggle as she faced discrimination from administrators and fellow students for speaking up for the animals. It is a shocking yet heartfelt account of what she and the animals in her care endured. I hope people read her book and take it as a call to action to make veterinary medical education humane. As a veterinarian, I can attest to the challenges faced by vet students who believe animals should be protected from pain and suffering. Fortunately I was able to get through the program and become the veterinarian I am today. My hope is that other compassionate pre-vet students will take heart and inspiration in knowing that some vet schools are more progressive. Indeed, one can become a veterinarian without compromising one's ethics.
- "Kind Vet" Amazon reviewer

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