Tasty Bytes Cookbook: Best-of-the-Internet Vegetarian Recipes
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Author: Cynthia Holzapfe

Reviewed by Animal Rights Online [email protected]


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ISBN #: 1-57067-037-4


Delicious Food Meets Cyberspace.

Enjoy tasty recipes from vegetarian meeting places on the Internet.

Millions of Americans are eating more vegetarian meals, reflecting a growing consciousness of how meat-eating affects their health and the environment. One of the fastest-growing sources of information on vegetarianism might surprise you -- it's the internet!

Vegetarian computer enthusiasts have been trading their favorite recipes over the internet for years. Now you can sample some of the best of these creations in this tasty collection of soups, salads, spreads, main dishes, breads, and desserts.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to support vegetarian organizations.

Includes information on what's available for vegetarians on America Online, CompuServe, the Microsoft Network, and Prodigy. ~ from Bobbi Pasternake, RNC, host of the America Online Cooking Club's Vegetarians Online and online volunteer for the Vegetarian Resource Group.

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