The Protein Myth by David Gerow Irving
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Author: David Gerow Irving
Reviewed by: Frank and Mary Hoffman


protein myth

Earth Books
Copyright David Gerow Irving 2010
ISBN: 978-1-84694-673-8
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David Irving's scholarly and well documented, but easy to read work, The Protein Myth, drew us immediately into the content. At the same time, we began to smile, because we saw the intrigue David developed leading the reader ever closer to the solution of our health care problems, but then telling us to read the next chapter for the answer.

The Protein Myth presents the scientific evidence and clinical trial results that prove that a whole (unprocessed) plant food diet will significantly reduce the risk of almost all of our major chronic diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Arthritis; and at the same time showing the reluctance or corruption of the major health care organizations to honestly report these findings to the general public.

Within the pages of The Protein Myth, there are chapters and sections that discuss in detail every one of our major chronic diseases, and the physicians, clinicians, and organizations that are continually proving that a plant food diet will prevent, reverse, and even cure these diseases and others. There are in-depth discussions on the health care establishment (government, industry, and charitable organization) who are working against the interests of the public's health, much as they had done with smoking in the past. There are many other wonderful things in this book that the reader want to see.

If our federal government really wants to lower healthcare costs and provide coverage for every citizen, they should listen to David Irving instead of the lobbyists.

The Protein Myth is a must read book for every single person, and a wonderful reference book.

About the Author:

David Irving's writing on animal rights issues have appeared on many blogs and journals. He is an accomplished musician and composer. David graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Bata Kappa from Columbia University. He succumbed to leukemia in November 2019.

David's Autobiography - The Place Above the Stars - My Journey from Horn Player to Composer and Defender of Animals (PDF)

David Irving's Presentation on The Protein Myth

David Irving Presentation on The Protein Myth

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