Urgent! Save Our Ocean to Survive Climate Change By Captain Paul Watson
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Author: Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Publisher: Groundswell Books

urgent Paul Watson
Urgent! Save Our Ocean to Survive Climate Change
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Review by Grady Harp:

 Canadian/American marine conservation environmentalist author Captain Paul Watson was a founding member of Greenpeace and later founded Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. He is one of the Top 20 Environmental Heroes of the 20th century as named by Time magazine. Highly honored and awarded for his contributions and actions for preserving the environment, Watson has written in excess of a dozen books on his life as an activist, on the environment, and on Sea Shepherd’s defense of marine wildlife.

Read one of Watson’s books and likely you will become an activist to foster climate change activism principles. His books are well written, supplemented with very fine photographs on nearly every page. He covers all aspects of climate change – historically, what we are doing at present, and what the effects of our current attitude and habits could create in the future.

As Watson states in closing, ‘Growth for the sake of growth is a form of behavior that humans share with cancer cells. It is an indefensible delusion that will destroy civilization, as it diminishes the very life-support systems that sustain us. Survival for humanity in the age of climate change can only be achieved by rejecting anthropocentric ideologies and adapting to a biocentric lifestyle that embraces the importance of interdependence and diversity and acknowledges and respects the reality of finite resources. This, along with our passion for life, our courage in facing obstacles, and our efforts through imagination and resourcefulness, will be our salvation as a species. I am committed to finding possible solutions to seemingly impossible obstacles like climate change. The fact is, we have no other choice.’

Once again Captain Paul Watson sends up a red flag that merits our consideration. Read this book and grow to appreciate the importance of preserving the ocean – and all aspects of our environment. Very highly recommended!

About the Author:

Captain Paul Watson is a Canadian/American marine conservation activist who founded the direct-action group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 1977. He became familiar to the public through Animal Planet's popular television series "Whale Wars." A prolific writer, Watson has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books, including Orcapedia, Death of a Whale, Dealing with Climate Change and Stress, and Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate.

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