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Reading Vegan Books Aloud Together

Homo Ahimsa with Judy Carman - August 7, 2022!

Homo Ahimsa by Judy Carman

Don’t have time to participate in traditional vegan book clubs where you show up to discuss a book after you have read it? We have the answer for you!

All-Creatures.org is hosting a free “Reading Vegan Books Aloud Together” Group

Instead of reading books in advance (which few people find the time to do), we meet once a week to take turns reading a page or two out loud during the meeting. Then we have a discussion at the end. Reading aloud together is a great bonding experience! The different voices, different accents, different understandings and emphasis expand retention and understanding.

Author Judy Carman will be joining our meetings!

Location: Closed Zoom Meeting on Sunday evenings - the next meeting is August 7th for 90 minutes starting at:
8 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. Central / 6 p.m. Mountain / 5 p.m. Pacific

Group size is limited to 15 participants – It is free but you MUST be registered - so be sure to REGISTER NOW!

You will need the book which is available on kindle or paperback HERE

About Judy: Judy McCoy Carman, M.A.'s passion is to look everywhere for the love and the beauty that flows through and links all faiths and all beings. She is dedicated to the vision and bold belief that we human beings can heal the damage we have done to the world and create a place of true peace, nonviolence, unconditional love, compassion and liberation, not just for people, but for all earthlings and all of nature. Her website is www.peacetoallbeings.com

An activist for peace, the environment, and animal liberation since the ‘70’s and long-term vegan, Judy Carman is the author of four books, including--the new Homo Ahimsa: Who we Really are and How We're Going to Save the World; Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul; co-author with Tina Volpe of The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals; and Born to be Blessed: Seven Keys to Joyful Living. In Peace to All Beings Judy introduced the concept of Homo Ahimsa (“ahimsa” is the Sanskrit word for nonviolence and loving kindness) to describe the new compassionate human we can reveal ourselves to be if enough of humanity awakens in time. She is also the co-founder of Animal Outreach of Kansas which brought an end to exotic animal circuses in Douglas County, Kansas, and she has been deployed to several disaster areas to assist with animal rescues.

She also co-founded, with Will and Madeleine Tuttle, the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals (circleofcompassion.org). Judy also works with Lisa Levinson on Vegan Spirituality events and webinars and co-founded, with Lisa and filmmaker Thomas Jackson, the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, a project of In Defense of Animals. She is the 2014 recipient of the Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award, on the Board of Shy38 Animal Sanctuary and founder of the Animal Peace Prayer Flag Project which can be found on her Peace to All Beings website, along with many of her blogs and prayers (peacetoallbeings.com).

Judy is featured in Vegetarians and Vegans in America Today by Karen and Michael Iacobbo and contributes articles and essays to newspapers, books, and magazines. She has been a keynote speaker and workshop leader at many conferences and has been interviewed on many podcasts, Zoom conferences, and the inspiring film, "A Prayer for Compassion."

Having once lived off the grid in a tipi, Judy, now lives at Ahimsa Acres, a wildlife and butterfly sanctuary with veganic gardens and a magical forest. She loves to kayak, hike, and spend time with her kids and grandkids.


Here is a video about Judy's work and Homo Ahimsa:

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