Screening of Lion Ark - April 5, 2017

Hi everyone,

Wanted to make you aware of this showing at the Berkshire Mall April 5th. It dovetails into the new bill in the MA legislature that would ban exotic animals from entertainment in the state

Cathy Groves


Dear friends,

Exciting news! We are hosting a special one-time screening of the new film Lion Ark on Wednesday, April 5th at Regal Berkshire Mall 10 through We would love for you to join us for this special event!

Regal Berkshire Mall Cinema 10
Berkshire Mall, 123 Old State Rd
Lanesborough, MA 01237
(844) 462-7342

Lion Ark tells the story of the daring rescue by Animal Defenders International (ADI) to enforce a ban on the use of animals in circuses in Bolivia. Circuses defy the law but are tracked down, animals saved and a joyous finale sees 25 lions airlifted to freedom. A story of bravery, compassion, a country that said ‘no’ to cruelty and how attitudes towards animals changed across a continent.

Part of the money from the ticket sales will go to ADI to help with their work. Each time a new law comes into force, ADI offers to assist governments with enforcing the law and removing the animals from the circuses. This is the same organization, ADI, helped us this summer by providing informational packets that we gave to the Pittsfield city councils. ADI is also working in the US on federal and state laws. In MA, they introduced a new state wide bill this session that would ban exotic animals from circuses across the Commonwealth. We really need to get lots of public support to move this bill through the legislature to past it this session.

I hope you will attend. To reserve your tickets, please visit the Tugg Event Page here:

You can view the film trailer there too.

Unlike a traditional movie showing, our Tugg screening requires that 78 tickets be reserved before the March 28 in order for the screening to occur. We are going to need your help if we’re going to make this event happen! I hope if you can't attend that you would consider purchasing a ticket to help up reach our threshold and that we could give away to someone.

We would really appreciate you helping us spread the word. Tell your other friends and have them join us for this special one-time screening of Lion Ark!

Thanks for all your support!

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