Circus Protests - April 16 - Mass Mutual Center, Springfield MA

Circus Protests
April 16th
MassMutual Center
Springfield MA

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, MGM has proven they only care about $$$ by booking Garden Bros. Circus (last year it was booked by MassMutual Center). This horribly cruel circus has elephants, horses, ponies, and dogs and is #1 in PETA's list of Top 6 Worst Circuses. No surprise there, as it has a very long list of Animal Welfare Act violations. This report shows a blow-by-blow of their many run-ins with the law since 2006. 

They will be at MassMutual Center Tue., April 16th for 2 shows. We need massive protests, as last year there were mobs of people there, many of which were shocked to hear the facts about this circus.

CompassionWorks International just launched a campaign to demand freedom for a 50-year-old elephant named Betty who is traveling with Garden Bros.
*Please share their video and sign and share their petition: Thank you!

A great article about Garden Bros. Circus was just posted, pointing out that it has the dubious honor of being the "worst circus," according to PETA and other animal welfare organizations, because of myriad USDA reports of animal mistreatment and neglect. It has a patchy safety record for humans, too, and has left a breadcrumb trail of unpaid bills across the country for decades, according to media reports. 

Garden Bros. and its animal contractors have received over 100 USDA citations for mistreatment of the animals in their care. In a formal complaint to the USDA in 2017, a former employee described a culture of procedural abuse in which handlers tased the elephants, struck them repeatedly with bullhooks, whipped the camels’ feet bloody, and failed to provide veterinary care.

So PLEASE try your hardest to attend at least one of our protests and COMPLAIN to MGM and MassMutual Center (scroll down)! Thank you! We must let MGM know how upset we are about their booking this circus for the first time. As I said, MassMutual Center booked the one last year, but MGM is at fault this year.


TUESDAY, APRIL 16TH, 3:30-4:30 & 6:30-7:30

* Signs and literature will be provided, but feel free to make your own signs.
* Rain or shine, unless rain is heavy.

WHERE: MassMutual Center, 1277 Main St., Springfield
***We'll meet at Falcons Way entrance or across the street if they don't allow us to stand in front of entrance. Garage is across the street. Feel free to contact me at (413) 374-1921 if you can't find us.

WHY: As mentioned above, Garden Bros. (A.K.A. Piccadilly Circus) has a very long list of Animal Welfare Act violations: They've been cited for forcibly striking elephants with a bullhook and for failing to provide adequate veterinary care, to provide adequate and safe enclosures, to handle animals in a way that does not cause unnecessary stress or trauma, to provide wholesome and uncontaminated food, to provide shelter from the elements, and to provide environmental enrichment.

* PLEASE COMPLAIN TO MASSMUTUAL CENTER AT: [email protected], [email protected], and And post on their FB page - Also, post on their review site. Thank you!

Here is my letter to them, in case you'd like to use it as a template (just please don't copy):

Please tell them how disappointed you are in them and how wild animals suffer tremendously in circuses. They are beaten into submission and tortured to perform unnatural tricks with painful devices (bullhooks & electronic shocks) and starvation, and shipped like cargo all over the country in very cramped, often filthy conditions. They also are not given adequate veterinary care. (See for more info. about animals in circuses).

* [email protected] - The Republican
* [email protected] - The Reminder
* [email protected],, [email protected] - Valley Advocate

Hope to see you there! Thank you for giving the animals a voice! 


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