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The process is SUPER SIMPLE:

1. Read the definitions below and determine what category you fall into.

2. Obtain a recent picture of yourself or your church.

3. Write a bio of yourself or your church for your page. Here are great bio examples:

 Individual Clergy Example / Online Church / Physical Church / Theologian

4. Email our Executive Director at [email protected] with the following:

(a) your category

(b) a clear picture of self or church

(c) bio of self or church

(d) your phone number - so our Executive Director can call you with any questions


Vegan Churches

A “Vegan Church” follows vegan practices in ALL activities and welcomes vegan and non-vegan members.

Vegan Pastors

A “Vegan Pastor” is vegan and may or may not promote vegan values from the pulpit.

Vegan Theologians

A “Vegan Theologian” works in academia and has published theological works about veganism and/or animal rights and may or may not be a clergyperson associated with a religious institution.

Vegan Friendly Churches

A “Vegan Friendly Church” is inclusive and respectful of vegan members; includes prayers for animals as well as people; encourages the hosting of films, speakers, and book studies about doing no harm to animals and improving members’ health by learning about plant-based eating; and hosts events that include plant-based meals for members who are vegan.

A vegan friendly church also uses care in sermons and other communications to not speak disrespectfully about animals or joke about them in insensitive ways. For example, when a minister talks about the "great taste of bacon," such words are hurtful to those in the congregation who have seen the violence and horror that pigs endure for that product. Words are powerful, so a vegan friendly church speaks respectfully of all beings.

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