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Dressing Vegan for the Planet

From ALV Animal Liberation Victoria
August 2023

Animal agriculture is a leading cause of global warming, water usage, oceanic dead zones, land clearing, and species extinction. We save lives and the planet when we don't wear animals.

water useage leather

The single best thing you can do for the environment is be vegan. The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has confirmed that eating a plant-based diet is vital to curbing the climate crisis. But such reports always forget one major consideration: we must also stop wearing animals.

cow skin clothes

When we consider figures about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, we must remember that it is not only the demand for beef and lamb meat that causes these emissions, but also the demand for leather and wool.

After researching the most commonly used materials, the Global Fashion Agenda found that when considering the production of a material from cradle to gate.


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