Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 21 Jan 2006

Dear Jessi:

Thank you for writing back, and we're happy to hear that you will not be sending your horses to slaughter.

Putting the money issue aside for a moment, having a loving relationship with any living being is fairly much the same, and to many humans their companion animals are like their children, and when they die it's like the death of their own child. This is the point we were trying to make in our previous email.

Cows and chickens have been bred to produce more eggs and milk. If we stopped breeding these animals the problem would soon end. As you know with human, the flow of breast milk can be stopped, and it won't start again until the next pregnancy. The same is true of cows. Humans produce the problems and humans can stop them.

Additionally, male chicks of laying hens are killed in some very cruel ways, and male calves are taken away from their mothers and suffer for the production of veal. Furthermore, over 95% of all animal products sold in the markets come from factory farms with all their inflicted pain and suffering. This is why we're against the consumption of eggs and dairy.

To answer your question about humans. We are truly pro-life: we are against war, against capital punishment, against the killing of animals for food and clothing, and against the killing of unwanted human babies. In addition, this past year, we ministered to over 7,000,000 human beings. We need to be loving and compassionate peacemakers for the whole of creation.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary