Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Yvonne A. Hess - 17 Mar 2007

Re: Letter by Jenny Moxham - 18 Feb 2006

The trouble is...most animal-rights advocates are just as adamant that abortion of embryos and fetuses is just fine. They claim that they have a right to control their own bodies, and any little being that happens to be dependent on them can be discarded at their own whim. Yet, they are aghast that people will buy products from the fur and meat industries. They hug trees, but discard human beings with no qualm whatsoever. They decry those who butcher animals, but they pay abortionists to butcher human beings.

Ambiguity and hypocrisy...this is the creed of those who are of such a mind set. Hopefully you are not one of them.