Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
Comments by Laurie Ulrich Fuller - 6 May 2007


Coincidentally, the UK has just put new policy into effect, per the email I received earlier today, regarding animal testing. The policy puts antiquated testing methods back in place, and is simply satisfying corporations who need a cheap way to protect themselves from litigation - "Hey, we tested it, so we're not liable!"

They also just did a major "sting" on animal rights protesters, which I
think is an interesting coincidence - just before the policy goes into
effect, a lot of protesters are arrested after the police were "watching"
them for 2 years. The message? Don't make any noise, and you won't be arrested. Even if those arrested were breaking laws, the arrests have a very chilling effect on ALL protesting.

As for Albert's post, while it's doubtful that tests of that nature are actually being performed on babies, the tests ARE done on animals, and that is a good reason to protest all forms of animal testing. For those who believe fetuses are being used, the benefit of preventing animal testing is that if we can get people to see the cruelty of that, the cruelty of performing tests on fetuses becomes even more obvious than one would hope it already is. A reverence for life MUST include ALL life.

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