Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
Comments by Chuck - 15 Jan 2008

Frank and Mary,

That disconnect will be very difficult to understand for you since your condemnation of taking any life of any species is universal. I suppose my only argument is that I am part of the sinful nature of man and that of course is universal also.

As I tell my friends, I never want to argue with a person of conviction and non compromise, I would only come across as foolish.

A similar disconnect exists among many women's rights activists. They had a pretty good argument going until they allowed president Clinton a pass on his obvious indiscretion, since they felt it would be in their best political interest not to raise an objection. In doing so, they completely nullified there previous stands and arguments and have become a much smaller force in American politics as a result of this compromise.

In closing, I will not be able to explain my views, they simply are what they are, but I appreciate yours and find no fault with them.



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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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