Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 31 Jan 2008

Dear Steve:

Thank you very much for writing, and for telling us about yourself and your present activities to help animals.

One of our grandsons will receive his commission in the Marine Corps when he graduates from college next year.

We'll concede that because of the fallenness of human beings, there are times when we need to defend ourselves, but most of the wars we've seen in recent history are what we would consider unjust, as they could most likely have been 'solved' in other ways. Particularly Iraq.

The problem with being the world's police force is that many of our fighting men and women also become 'victims' and suffer the rest of their lives. There are non-lethal ways of solving these problems.

Our justice system is not infallible, and the death penalty makes any mistakes uncorrectable. Life in prison would serve the same purpose.

We hope this helps clarify some of the points your raised.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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