Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
Comments by Danielle - 22 Apr 2008


I was appalled by your webpage, and saddened to know that this really does happen in our world. I am a small Hobby Breeder in Arkansas, and have often seen the atrocities of the puppy mills. I agree that inhumane treatment of animals should stop, but I also wonder how we as a nation are missing an even greater atrocity... human babies.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a extremist person, but I often muse on how people (like Oprah) can get so offended at the killing of "innocent" animals, and yet pay their taxes to support state-funded abortions.

Isn't the human life worth so much more than that of a dog? God's Word doesn't say that He knew Fido's days from before he was born...

I applaud your efforts, and I think you are doing a wonderful thing to stop this horrific abuse of the creatures God gave to us to enjoy, but He did give us the cattle of the field to eat as sustenance. I don't agree with HOW they are killed (my dad worked in a slaughter house for a while in Michigan), but it's not enough to stop me from an occasional steak. Sorry! Just being honest.

Here's my point, though: we breed our dogs humanely, allow them plenty of fresh air, sunshine, romps in our yard with our kids, they are well-fed, vetted, and spoiled rotten. Yes, we sell them. Yes, we check out every home to the best of our ability. But, then we trust God with them. They aren't children. If I have to choose between feeding my dogs, or my kids, guess who goes without?

It's never come to that, thank God, but the point is children are SO much more worthy. I will pray for the Lord to bless your efforts, and direct your path.

In Yeshua,

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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