Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Sammy Brown - 6 Jan 2011

I am pro-live as it pertains to humans. Abortion before 9 or 10 days after conception is not murder as there is no true life to the fetus, however after this 9 to 10 days after conception there is life with in the unborn child. Life is when the unborn child has blood as life is in the blood. Without blood there is no life. If you don’t want a baby don’t get a sperm anywhere close to the vaginal area. Sex is mainly for reproduction not fun, although it is fun, and if you say it not you’re either lying or doing it wrong.

When it comes to animal rights they only have the rights we afford them. Animals kill one another on a daily bases and most of the time rather cruelly. I do not believe that mankind has the right to kill an animal any animal in a cruel manner. That is one thing that makes us different from “Dumb Animals” we can think and make willful choices. I firmly believe animals should be killed for food, if the animal is not being killed for food then it should not be killed. Then when it is killed it should be killed with the least amount of discomfort as possible to that animal.

Furthermore I do not approve in the practice of killing animals simply for the skins or to be mounted as a trophy.