Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection

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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Sammy Brown - 11 Jan 2011

Regardless of your view about me I am still very much pro-life and defiantly against war as most Veterans are. I know the cruel facts about war first hand and war should be avoided if at all possible. I say if at all possible because there comes a point when you only have two choices fight or lose every right and freedom you now enjoy thanks to a veteran who did fight.

When a group of people confront you and want what you have or simply want to take what you have at what point do you resist and how do you resist? Should a group of people say you must worship and do as they do or they will murder you and you entire family, what do you do? Do you resist if you do how do you resist? I can't say about your god but mine condones killing but does not condone murder. My creator also condones killing of animals, then maybe you and your fellow Christians know better than the Creator. The Creator also condemns the torture of any living creature.

I noticed your web site is a Christian web site, so if you will take the time to answer I have a few honest questions which I have for the most part asked other Christians and they are unable to give a satisfactory answer.

1. What does it mean to be a Christian?

2. What does "To Walk as He Walked" mean?

3. What is sin?

4. Can you sin today? ( I know I can)

5. What day of the week, if any, do you observe/ keep as the Sabbath. If applicably from when to when is Sabbath?

6. Are we to obey the commandments of the "Old Testament/ The Hebrew Bible"?

7. Is the Bible (King James Version) True? All of it? Part of It?

As for me, I am not Christian. I do however believe the Messiah has came once and is about to return to gather His Followers unto Him soon. If you can or will answer these seven questions I may have others.

Thank You,