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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 14 May 2013

Dear Jean-Marc:

We have allowed the subject of true  prolife to be discussed openly since you joined this list, but as other members have clearly indicated, the abortion issue is NOT the only purpose of this list. It is mostly about how we, as Christian peacemaking children of God can most effectively end the corruption of the whole of creation, and since most of us encounter animal use and exploitation issues every day, this subject is most often discussed.

Just because list members don’t mention human abortion does not mean that they don’t care about it. All it means is that they take on the issues that are before them at the present time. This does not preclude your posting any abortion item you wish, but if other list members choose not to respond, that is their right, and you are not to challenge it. If you cannot live with this, then this may not be a list best suited for you.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary