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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Joyce - 14 May 2013

I said I wasn't going to get into this............ :-( )


With all due respect I applaud your great passion toward the abortion issue.  HOWEVER the subject of this list is Christian Vegetarian.  This certainly does not preclude other equally important interests.  But what brings us diverse group of people on this list together is our faith beliefs and the intersection with veggism.  Pastor Frank has done a great service bringing us folks together who feel disenfranchised by the traditional 21st century culture of Christianity and our love of animals and compassion for them that is somehow absent in the mainstream churches. 

I know I speak on behalf of others here when I say that I feel less alone in my beliefs because of this group and website.

If you want to talk to other Christians specifically about abortion (an interest that is more than adequately represented in mainstream Christianity) then there are specific places to go for such engagement.
Everyone on this list has interests besides veggism.  For instance I'm on the Board of Directors of a local agency that helps women who have experienced sexual assault.  I am a life-long environment activist and Christian historian.  I also run.  But I don't bring these subjects up in this list unless its relevant to the conversation. For example I keep my running talk to my online running community for obvious reasons (I did a 4K tempo run in the cemetery today with 6oz Adidas gazelles....I floated through the workout and didn't anger any ducks this time unlike another run! hip bursitis is getting better but it still hurts to go up stairs...........HA!  I FELT you guys fall asleep during that one!!!!!!!   :-D 

See what I mean?  I keep my runners talk to the runners group.)

This certainly doesn't mean that people on this list aren't against abortion but how many anti-abortionists eat meat?  I've seen some pretty nasty anti-abortionists who lack compassion!  I think vegan Christians may be nicer! 

I certainly feel for your passion but I am in my corner of the world fighting the battles God has given me to fight (organizing fund-raising for a centre with a counselling wait list of 40 women for instance.....!) and anti-abortion is not one of them.

I agree with Nigel: I, too, don't want to see these things in my in-box either.