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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Jean-Marc - 14 May 2013

Dear Noelle,

This website is for the protection of ... all creatures, therefore humans too, and especially the weakest, the human babies.

This also a Christian website and Christianity spoke about ... humans mainly; so I think you cannot say that it is not a "grave concern in today's world". When you say animals have no choice, I agree with you, but babies have no choice, and humans have the choice to don't eat meat also. As I said in another answer, compassion is not a problem about more or less numerous, but about sensitivity and compassion, and I don't understand why prolifers can think it is good to protect all lives except animals, nor vegans to protect all lives excepts humans; the two things are linked inseparably and if you want two separate topics, you divide the compassion for all creatures; when I read "working for a peaceful world for humans, animals and the environment", there is "humans" and "animals", so it is really the subject for this website. When you say "But at least  we humans, if we suffer, know or can ‘track down’ a cause.  THE ANIMALS CAN’ T." Is it some good reason for don't afford help to humans? And can babies know anything about "cause"? The animals can't : human babies or young children too. The problem is that you say you are Christian and I don't see here compassion for humans: this is so strange ... and so usual with vegans I know !