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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Jean Marc - 14 May 2013

Hi Noelle,

Sorry, but when I read "I agree with Nigel: I, too, don't want to see these things in my in-box either."

I can't think "many more, if not all, those who work for compassion for animals are also pro-lifers" but "they don't want to ear only a word about pro-lifers" ...

When I speak about this subject, all tell to me "stop" we don't want you speak anything about this!" How can I think than you are even a little pro-lifer?

It is really easy to speak about prolife matter, as about animals, if only you accept to speak about it; but if you don't accept, I think you don't want protect human babies, only animals and that is not a christian thing. Never Jesus tell such words. Is because prolifers eat meat than you must be insensitive about their concerns?

You cannot appeal prolifers to protect animals if you are not sensitive to their concern. When you say "a pity the two groups can’t join together", I don't understand because to join mean to have same concerns, and if you tell me "above all, not a word about it" I cannot believe you; for instance when you say : "I and others here feel for ALL who suffer, and want an end to it for ALL" because you say one thing and you ask another, the opposite:

"shut up", "We don't want to see anything in our in-box like this ..."