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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Noelene - 14 May 2013

Dear Jean-Marc,     

I suppose it’s to be expected that different people create various groups and sites relating to specific aspects, e.g. the creatures; humans:- abortion,  healthy foods and drinks, trees, environment, crime.... and so on.   It would  be very confusing to try to discuss purposefully, more than one topic on the same site, even though all are of grave concern in today’s world.  

And of course,  attention, purpose, clarity, action and effectiveness would be very greatly reduced.

I see there are anti-abortion groups on the Internet; there is a site ( towards planting trees to save the water-table,  O2,  for fodder etc.,;  there is this one concentrating on the plight of all  creatures;  there must be human-rights and welfare;  etc. etc.   Only one topic can really effectively be catered for on each site, I think.

But, really, in terms of the amount of persecution and the numbers of victims, I think surely the animals definitely ‘top the lot’.

Abortion does terrible harm to the human spirit, and fosters hard-heartedness and lack of compassion for all the unborn;  but at least on the other hand, a woman can CHOOSE to have an abortion or not, therefore hopefully can be persuaded, because the unborn babies don’t have a choice.    The persecuted and tortured animals and birds etc do not have a choice;   they are not the perpetrators of their suffering.   They are much more aware and feeling and conscious of what they are going through than the unborn child (‘tho’ I guess the spirit soul deprived of this opportunity of life will know.    In the belief of many, they will be given another chance at life on earth, later..)

Yes, the cruel human has the choice of action, and so somehow we hope to persuade THEM to change.  But to me, there is another very important, heartwrenching aspect to the terrible abuse of animals..........THEY, in particular, don’t have any choice,  AND,  they DON’T KNOW OR UNDERSTAND  WHY THESE HUMANS ARE MAKING THEM SUFFER SO.     These humans, with whom the creatures want to share,   in receiving and giving LOVE.   The animals normally care; they even rescue humans; they mourn them; they look to humans for an example as to how to behave.....and so on.         But at least  we humans, if we suffer, know or can ‘track down’ a cause.  THE ANIMALS CAN’ T. 

LOL, Noelene