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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Noelene - 14 May 2013

Hi, Jean-Marc,
I did say that all the topics are of grave concern, including abortion and the plight of animals.

I agree,   Christianity did talk mainly of humans, but that would not be so if the early “Christians” and biblical writers had not removed God’s wishes regarding treatment of ALL creatures – human and animal;  and if humans had not turned to the lower nature and started consuming animals, which has enormously removed  compassion for them.      Most humans are concerned more about their own and other human’s suffering.
As Amanda commented, many, many more, if not all, those who work for compassion for animals are also pro-lifers;  whereas not nearly so many pro-lifers care about animals as well as humans;  a pity the two groups can’t join together – but that would be a reason why it would not appeal to a great many pro-lifers!     

There are a great many petitions for us to contribute to on this site, in trying to prevent and overcome atrocities and torture of humans as well as animals.   Believe me, I and others here feel for ALL who suffer, and want an end to it for ALL.    I just think it would be very difficult to cover everything on the one site and still be purposeful and effective;   so each group emphasises a particular issue more than others – all of them serious and needing tremendous support and action.

Pro-lifers (which, strictly speaking, actually should ‘include’ animals as they are part of life) – AND pro-animals people all need to be dedicated and focused/purposeful in each sphere, in order to bring change and compassion in the world, I think..
We are doing our best for humans and animals – concentrated more on animals; and ‘pro-lifers’ are doing THEIR best – concentrating ONLY on humans.  BOTH efforts are desperately needed..
Best Wishes,

Noelene XX