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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection


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Abortion and Animals Rights: The Connection
By Noelene - 14 May 2013

Hi, again, Jean-Marc!

May I just say that I feel very strongly indeed against abortion;   (as a nurse, I brought five babies into the world, and what a thrill it was!)  I love all life dearly.

I feel very strongly against harming any animal – or child or person.   That is not for us to do, to knowingly harm others.

But each person has a great passion for, or is more able to help with, something a little more than others  – trying to help women, or anyone, who has gone through great trauma;  trying to help stop abortion; trying to plant trees to protect an otherwise ‘dying’ planet;  trying to help end the torture of animals.  For you, the one takes more of your time and effort; for me, the other; for someone else, another.  We are all needed, with our appropriate skills and wisdom.   But no-one can fight all of these issues INTENSIVELY at the same time!   If we tried to do that, we couldn’t work on even one effectively.

It does not mean we don’t CARE strongly about the rest.  We DO.

Noelle. XX