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Our Action Alerts
By Robert - 14 May 2012

In Reference to: Contact South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to end pigeon shoots

Written this way:

Mrs. Haley,

I must say I view your stance on your police force as quite cowardly. We are sick of cowards in politics. If you can’t control your police force you shouldn’t be in a position of authority. It’s weak and the perfect way to lose control. But more than that, it means you have done something that does not edify your office or your ethical responsibility to your constituents, the law or our system of government, and even the police officers who enforce the law properly and ethically. You can pretend to have accomplished something important when you're career is at an end but we’ll know you actually failed in that regard and that, in fact, you have made things worse. I'm sure if I've seen the video, you have. I seriously doubt someone would have gone to so much trouble just to fabricate a story. So how about doing the right thing and disciplining those who break the law even if they happen to wear a badge. "...and led the fight for accountability and transparency...". Say what you mean and mean what you say. June 22 is my birthday and I'd like to think that good things happen on that day. Please prove me right.

Rob Neal